The products offered by Rosie Hong, including custom and bespoke tailored clothing using premium eco-friendly and vegan materials. Please visit here for the latest collections and offerings.

Our custom and bespoke tailoring service is at the forefront of innovation, integrating 3D body scanning and visualization technologies. This allows us to capture your precise measurements online, ensuring a perfect fit from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are in the world.

We are committed to sustainability and the well-being of our planet. Our garments are exclusively made with premium eco-friendly and vegan materials, guaranteeing not only high-quality apparel but also ethical and sustainable choices.

Ordering a bespoke piece from Rosie Hong is a seamless process to ensure you receive a tailored garment that exceeds your expectations. To request a bespoke tailoring service, kindly please contact our Client Advisor here.

Our factory locates in Long Hau Industrial Park, Long An province, Vietnam. Your items are made by skilled tailors and our cutting-edge operation system.

Factory address: High-rise Long Hau Factory, Long Hau Industrial Park, Long An province, Vietnam
WhatsApp: +84 888 292 656
Call: +84 888 292 656
Email: contact@rosie-hong.com

The production time for custom or bespoke pieces can vary, but we strive to complete each garment within an optimal timeframe without compromising quality. Normally it takes approximately 3-7 days to complete and 3-7 days for delivery depending on destination. You’ll be provided with a delivery estimate when placing your order.

Due to geographical distance, returns for repair might cause a high shipping cost and increase gas emission, we offer repair services to customers locating in Vietnam only. For international customers, we offer compensation.

To order your custom clothing, simply visit our website and choose “Custom and Bespoke Tailoring” option and access “For him” or “For her” to start tailoring your custom garment. Follow the prompts to submit your design preferences, and use our 3D scanning technology to provide your measurements. Our team will then craft your garment and deliver it to your doorstep.

Your products will be delivered through high-quality courier services. After we have dispatched your parcel, you will receive an automated email stating a track & trace number so you can easily follow the whereabouts of your parcel.

Rosie Hong ships worldwide. High-end courier services are used for delivery, and you can track your order with the information sent to you once your parcel is dispatched.

Customers can order Custom Clothing or Bespoke Clothing.

  • For Custom Clothing, kindly please refer our Buying Process here.
  • For Bespoke Clothing, kindly please Contact our Client Advisor here or call +84 (0) 888 292 656, we will give you a deep consultation to tailor your perfect personalised garments.

We ensure no harm comes to our animals. Please refer to more at Fashion Sustainability.

Rosie Hong commits to using vegan materials in all their products. More on this can be found under the Natural Fabrics section in Fashion Sustainability.

The company leverages 3D body scanning and visualization technologies, allowing precise online measurements for a globally accessible perfect fit from home.

We appreciate your usage of our apparel. To ensure the quality of our garments, please refer to the guidelines provided at Instruction For Proper Washing And Ironing.

Yes, we understand the importance of feeling confident in your material choice for your bespoke garment. Rosie Hong offers fabric samples upon request to help you decide on the perfect fabric that meets your expectations in terms of texture, weight, and color. To request fabric samples, please contact our Client Advisor.

Rosie Hong is at the forefront of custom and bespoke tailoring innovation, utilizing state-of-the-art 3D body scanning and visualization technologies. This advanced technology captures your precise measurements in minutes, ensuring an unmatched perfect fit. This process can be easily completed online from the comfort of your home. For more details on our technology here and how to use it, please check our Buying Instruction.


Our Customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues or questions about the scanning process. You can reach out to us through Email us or Call +84 (0) 888 292 656 or Live chat.

Your opinions are always appreciated and taken seriously by us. In case you change your mind after completing your purchase, you can cancel your order within 24 hours for a full refund.

More about return or refund policy, kindly please visit here.

In terms of shipping fee, we endeavour to build reasonable shipping fees and display fees transparently and commit to not apply any “overcharging” or “hidden” cost. For detailed information, refer to the Shipping Policy.

If you encounter any issues with the delivery, such as damaged items or missing items, contact our customer support for assistance and instructions.

To make customers convenient, we include these import charges at checkout and directly collects payment from the customer for DDP shipping. Please refer more to Shipping Policy.

For the sake of customer, we only choose and work with trusted shipping partners to ensure the products delivered in good condition.

The entire of tailoring and shipping process usually takes 3-7 days for orders in Vietnam and 7-14 days for international orders. For detailed information, refer to the Buying Process.

At Rosie Hong, we highly value our loyal customers and strive to reward them for their continued support. We are currently in the process of developing a loyalty program that will offer exclusive benefits, rewards, and personalized offers to our dedicated clientele. Stay tuned for updates on our loyalty program on our website and social media channels as we work to enhance your Rosie Hong experience with exciting rewards and perks.

Your satisfaction is paramount to us. If your tailored garment does not align with the agreed-upon measurement parameters, design, color, or materials as confirmed in your order, we offer a compensation with full refund. For detailed information, refer more to the Returd And Compentasion Policy.

Our constant endeavor is to develop products that surpass customer expectations. If there is a need for compensation, please consult the reference Compensation Process mentioned in the Return Policy.

Our website employs robust SSL encryption to protect your payment details. Your security and privacy are paramount to us.

Kindly please refer our legal and privacy policies.

At Rosie Hong, sustainability is a core pillar of our business model. We meticulously select eco-friendly and vegan materials for our garments to minimize environmental impact. Our commitment extends beyond materials to include our manufacturing processes, which are designed to reduce waste and energy consumption. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, please visit our Sustainability page.


If you forget your password, click on “My account” and then on “Forgot my password”. An email will be sent to you to reset your password.

At Rosie Hong, we deeply value customer feedback and input as we continuously strive to innovate and enhance our product offerings. We welcome and encourage our customers to share their ideas, suggestions, and preferences with us regarding potential new product innovations. Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping our future collections and ensuring that we meet and exceed your expectations. To contribute your ideas or suggestions for new product innovations, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team via email at contact@rosie-hong.com.

To ensure a seamless and rewarding shopping experience, Rosie Hong enables customers to utilize multiple vouchers, coupons, or promotion programs during checkout. You can combine your discounts and offers in a single cart transaction to maximize savings and enjoy the benefits of various promotions simultaneously. Please apply your vouchers or coupons at the checkout stage, and the system will automatically calculate and apply the eligible discounts to your order total, allowing you to enjoy added value and savings on your Tailored garment purchases.

However, in some programs that run separately, you are unable to combine other coupons or vouchers in these.